What If Your Child Didn't Yell, Sulk, Insult, or Roll Their Eyes at You? What If They Were Motivated at School and Home, Attracted Quality Friends, and Got Along with the Whole Family?

This Really Is All Possible! 

I'll show you how with this FREE 10-Day E-Course!

My name is Judy H. Wright and, as a mother of 6 adult children and 9 grandchildren, as well as being a parent educator for more than 30 years, I have seen the full range of child defiance. The frustrations that parents face are very real and you are not alone! When you sign up for this free e-course you will:
  • Learn why giving in to your child is causing you more problems than it's solving

  • Discover 7 simple ways to get back your authority when your child tries to take over

  • Find out how to stop that screaming match or open up communication when you child gives you the dreaded "silent treatment"

  • Spend a day in the mind of your defiant child and get insights that will make it much easier to communicate with them

  • Get you kid motivated and excited about school


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